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Dr. Ho,

I wanted to take a second to thank you for your successful professional treatments. Last weekend, I finished runner-up to the USA Triathlon Long Course State Championship. I couldn't have been as successful without your help.

Chiropractic treatment has been an important part of my 15-year sports career. Most recently, as you know, I had a life threatening accident on my bicycle. That training ride ultimately shortened the muscles responsible for maintaining leg/body balance when running. It is critical to my performance and longevity to find a network of professionals to work on me. Thank you for accepting my challenge and putting forth the time and effort to make a difference!

Your adjustments are specific to my injury and to the demand of training for triathlons. My legs and body feel in balance and strong to race for many seasons.

Sincere Gratitude.

Bronson Walters

I have always been a very competitive athlete throughout the years and still compete in triathlons and the odd game of
soccer here and there.  For several years now I had just accepted the daily pain and misery with my body and
what I had to endure just so I could go for a run or a cycle. I put my situation down to getting older and the
price I paid for the physical ordeal that I had put my body
through for so many years.   I met Dr. Ho almost two years ago and he has now done for me what I
didn't believe was possible, and that was to get me back to training daily again and training and competing in
triathlons without the daily pain and misery I had conceded and accepted as being a part of my daily life.
I'm personally delighted that Dr. Ho has chosen W2W and I can not recommend him highly enough based on how he's
changed my life around. Please and with my endorsement feel free to contact Dr. Ho with any injuries or issues you may
have yourself.
Kind Regards,

Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke
W2W Sports Center, Milton, GA.
770-674-1774 (o)


The biggest thing that Chiro4Sports did for me, was to help deal with my pain and scoliosis. I jump out of planes and haul 100+ pound rucksacks during training sessions. Dr. Ho stopped the pain and improved my overall fitness for life plus helped me with my military service maybe even extending it.

Drew Moreshead
Manager Claims Service AIG
Major US Army National Guard


Michelle & Matt Cooper of Wynridge enthusiastically endorse Chiro4Sports -Dr. Jeffrey Ho of Wynridge.

Both avid ALTA member and athletes, they are both under corrective chiropractic care for 3 months and report improved overall health, better quality sleep, recovering faster from athletic injuries to shoulders, neck, and back. Also reporting improvement in their golf and tennis games and lowered handicap. Michelle has had reduction in pain and frequency of TMJ pain and migraine headaches.  

Dr. Ho is the WLC sponsored chiropractor, conveniently located 2 miles from Windward on Kimball Bridge Rd.


Brian and Jill Richards of Wynridge highly recommend Chiro4Sports- Dr. Jeffrey Ho (Wynridge resident since 1999) for relief of chronic neck and low back problems. Their children get adjusted for spinal maintenance and prevention and wellness care.

Brian had a bad neck and shoulder and Jill's neck and low back for years. They are now under corrective chiropractic care. Brian states that chiropractic care has helped him recover faster from golf stresses and strains to his neck, shoulder, and hips. It also has immensely improved his game!  "Since my 3 children have been under wellness care with Dr. Ho, they are not on any prescription, over the counter drugs of any kind.  The pediatrician personally called me to ask where my kids had not been to his office in 3 years. Dr Ho keeps my family healthy"  Brian  and Jill Richards