your first visit

Health History
A health intake form is completed at your first chiropractic visit. This informs the doctor of your current complaints and your history of injuries or illnesses.

You and your doctor will review your health intake form together. A history of spinal impacts—including auto accidents and work, recreational and sport injuries—is reviewed along with your current work and daily activity.

Clinical Examination
Your examination will include a thorough evaluation of posture, range of motion, leg length, muscle strength, reflexes, nerve sensations, palpation (touch), orthopedic and other tests. These tests will help determine whether subluxations are affecting your health and function.

X-Rays & Analysis
Your chiropractic examination may require x-rays. The x-rays reveal the degree of spinal misalignment, the phase of spinal degeneration, significant pathologies and potential contra-indications of care. In our clinic, careful analysis leads to precision measurements. These measurements along with your clinical exam findings enable us to provide you with individualized treatment and optimal adjustments.

Explanation/Report of Findings
You will be given a complete report of findings after your doctor has studied your health history, clinical examination and x-rays. You will be educated about your spine and nervous system and the specific findings relative to postural imbalances, limited ranges of motion, weak muscles and positive orthopedic test results. After the exam findings are explained, your x-rays are reviewed and compared with normal radiographs, helping to provide you with a clear understanding of the problems present.

First Adjustment
After you have received your reports and your doctor has answered your questions, your first chiropractic adjustment will be given (if appropriate). Because we are certified in a variety of adjusting techniques, we can choose the most effective approach to enhance your comfort and your results.

Recommendations of Care
At your third visit, you will receive your recommendations for your best care. The recommendations will vary according to the severity of subluxations present, phase of degeneration, your age and current condition and history of spinal impacts. Your care plan may also include specific spinal and extremity rehabilitation performed at this clinic. Our goal is to help you reach optimal health through maximum stabilization of your spine. Once your stabilization is attained, our goal is to show you how to maintain your spine at its best throughout your life.